Facility Tour & Mission Statement


Our Mission

In 2002, a top goal on my medical school application read, “Establish and manage effective, long term care facilities for the elderly.” This goal was inspired by my role, at that time, on a rehab team in a skilled nursing facility. After being employed there for a little over a year, I decided there had to be a better way.

Seniors are our most prized treasures—full of knowledge, wisdom, and experience.  And, those affected by dementia are just as vulnerable as a newborn or an infant. They must be cared for and protected as they cannot do this for themselves anymore. And, our seniors deserve to be surrounded by people full of love, respect and admiration who make them feel safe, reassured and part of a real community. I envisioned a place that I would be proud for my own mother to call ‘home’.

An idea that was conceived 16 years ago came to fruition with the formation of Golden Care Cottage Group, LLC in 2018. With the Motto of “Heal, Care, Protect”, here is my commitment to our residents and family members:

We provide specialized personal care in a holistic healing environment fostering the best quality of life possible for our residents, in the face of innumerable challenges.

~ Zahra Nizami, Executive Director



“Finding the ‘right’ home for my mom was so important to me. I toured dozens and was blessed to find The Cottage of Spring Branch nestled in my very neighborhood. They made the entire process of moving my mom so easy. From my first interaction, I have felt comfortable and understood what her expenses would be. They love her and care for her beyond what I expected. And she loves it there. They have walked through every question and answer I had with grace and compassion. I am thrilled that she is at The Cottage and is happy and thriving in their caring environment.”

~ Deb Gutierrez, Resident Family